Saleda Kitchen
Planning ahead gives you more time to enjoy your stay
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Saleda Kitchen

Design your group’s menu based on your own food preferences and enjoy delicious meals cooked by our resident chef Masalela Maphane whose nickname is “Dux”. Dux was trained at the Okavango Cooking School and specializes in cooking wholesome and nutritious dishes that are inspired by the “bush” environment and use produce sourced locally.
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Spa & Wellness

Saleda Spa

Saleda has a mobile massage option. Guests from River Camp, Longwope and other private lodges on the Limpopo River at Limpopo Lipadi can request treatments in the comfort of their own lodge as well.
Saleda Lodge guests have exclusive use of the Saleda Spa when they are guests at the lodge.
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Saleda has an open 10 seater game drive vehicle with a dedicated professional guide who has an excellent knowledge of the reserve and all its flora and fauna. He will train you how to identify animal tracks, droppings, animals, birds, and trees and explain to you how the ecosystem works. You will be enriched by the experience and long to return to continue your learning about the bush. Your drives will be customised to your interests. For an additional cost the guide can arrange a rhino walk with the Limpopo Lipadi anti=poaching team which is an experience not to be missed.